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About Pinnacle Tax Services Pte. Ltd

Pinnacle Tax Services Pte. Ltd. is a boutique tax consultancy firm set up in 2014.

We are one of very few professional services firms in Singapore that specializes in providing tax services. Founded by two senior tax professionals who were formerly from the “Big 4” accounting firms, who between them have above 30 years of tax experience, we seek to provide high quality tax services to our clients at reasonable rates.

Prior to setting up the firm, the founders found that there was a gap in the tax services industry in Singapore. Quality tax service providers are mainly limited to the larger accounting and law firms. Smaller accounting practices may have a tax practice, but their tax teams are mainly staffed by accountants who have limited tax knowledge and experience. The higher level of fees charged by the larger firms are sometimes prohibitive for smaller companies or firms which may have a limited budget for tax services. Pinnacle Tax Services Pte. Ltd. was therefore set up to address this gap in the professional tax services market.

Our clientele includes both international businesses, Singaporean listed companies and SMEs. With the extensive experience gained from the “Big 4” accounting firms, we seek to provide the quality tax services normally associated with the “Big 4” accounting firms. At the same time, we seek to provide more value to our clients by providing practical solutions to them (through our understanding of their business and business environment) and providing them with more personalized services.

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