We understand that tax and accounting may seem daunting to most businesses. But fret not. There are government and official resources which you may refer to in order to better understand the tax and accounting structure which Singapore has. Pinnacle Tax Services Pte Ltd ensures that we keep up to date with information provided on these very resources.


Further reading on Singapore’s tax structures for personal as well as business uses, IRAS is a place to start. It enables you to further understand the functions of tax and what it means to you and/or your business.


The Accounting Standard Council Singapore is responsible for formulating the accounting standards within Singapore. It provides guidelines for financial reporting standards for companies, charities, etc. They do not govern with regards to compliance, but they instead set the standards which must be followed.


The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority regulates businesses and accountings alike. They monitor corporate compliance and also oversee public audits of companies.

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