Pinnacle Tax Services Pte. Ltd. provides both tax compliance services and tax advisory services. Our tax compliance services include preparation and filing of income tax returns for various individuals and businesses (including companies, partnerships, LLP etc) and GST filing services.

We also assist our clients with tax advisory services include tax incentive applications, tax structuring services and advising on cross border taxation issues.

We are experienced with the tax issues associated with companies in various industries and different tax profiles including the following:

  • Companies with tax incentives (e.g. companies who have are under the following incentives: Financial Sector Incentive (FSI), Global Trader Programme (GTP), Land Intensification Allowance (LIA), Section 13R/13X incentives for Funds)
  • Trading companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Medical clinics
  • Start-ups
  • Shipping companies
  • Investment holding companies
  • Investment funds
  • Fund management companies
  • Companies with complex capital allowance claims (e.g. hotels, themeparks)
  • Companies with foreign tax credit claims
  • Companies with R&D claims

Tax incentive/scheme application

We have assisted various clients with the application of tax incentives and the preparation of income tax computations for tax incentive tax companies. Issues to consider typically include:

Cross Border Taxation

Businesses nowadays are rarely solely focused in the local market. Increasingly, businesses are looking to invest overseas and/or engaging in cross border transactions.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

We are able to assist you on your GST matters, including advising on GST registration, GST compliance and filing of your GST returns. Below is an overview of GST in Singapore.

Income Tax Compliance

With our vast experience handling tax issues for clients from various industries, we are able to assist you on your tax filing matters. These include submission of your Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) and income tax returns (Form C/C-S) for companies.

Personal Tax

Broadly, personal income tax depends on the level of taxable income derived by that person during the year and also his/her tax residency status. Sole proprietors and partners of general partnerships are also taxed on their business income in their personal capacity.

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