Personal Tax

Broadly, personal income tax depends on the level of taxable income derived by that person during the year and also his/her tax residency status. Sole proprietors and partners of general partnerships are also taxed on their business income in their personal capacity.

Tax residents are taxed at rates of between 0% (for chargeable income up to S$20,000) to 22% (for chargeable income above S$320,000). Non-Singapore tax residents are taxed at rates of up to 22%.

The filing due dates are 15 April for paper filing and 18 April for electronic tax filings.

Personal tax filings can be complicated, due to various factors including:

  • tax residency of the individual
  • the type of income derived during the year (e.g. stock options)
  • the applicability of tax reliefs
  • the applicability of Double Taxation Treaties
  • Special tax schemes such as the Non-Ordinarily Resident (NOR)
  • scheme and the Area Representative Scheme (ARS)

We can assist to advise on the above and assist with your personal tax filings.

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